About Us

The Brand
The Egyptian company for garments started in 1998 through our brand POURELLE with a vision of giving the Egyptian market a unique top notch Cotton Made Body wear and Underwear with a pre-defined mission of taking the international quality standards as our guide and measure in producing all our products, in order to satisfy our dear customers and with high perfection and sophistication efforts are always made to make sure of the continuous existence of our vision and the persistence on our mission
Our Values and what we are
Here in the Egyptian Company for Garments, we have our own values that have been driving us since we started in 1998 ,those values lead us into success year after year; our small investment in 1998 was fueled by a huge beliefs and ideals that is proving it’s worth every day and pushing us more into following these values:
We tell what’s in our heart, we believe that what we achieve is the best proof of our worth, we devote our efforts to fulfill our commitments with every one directly or indirectly related to us, from competitors to suppliers and vendors, our dear customers and employees we respect them and are fully and completely committed into dealing with each one of them with a special code of ethics.
Customer Comes 1st
What we aim for and make sure of its existence, is anticipating the desire of our customers and deliver to them what they aspire and desire even before they think of it.
Success comes out of passion
Our pursuit of excellence is energized by our passion in everything we do; it’s a wide philosophy of never being satisfied with how business was done in the past, or what the company has achieved. It means trying to develop better products and services, to constantly improve customer satisfaction.
Being another family
We believe that every employee we have is a solid and very important part of us, that employee is the building block of our company; our employees view their careers as more than a means of earning wages. They want to work for a company that truly cares about them.